Review: Ninjala – A Vibrant And Surprisingly Strategic Arena Brawler, But There’s Room For Improvement

Stuck on you.

Much has already been made of the fact that Ninjala so closely resembles Nintendo’s very own Splatoon and yes, the similarities on an artistic level are pretty striking and plain for all to see. However, spend more than a few cursory moments with GungHo’s free-to-play effort and you’ll find a game that works very differently to the paint-splattered turf wars of the Inklings and Octarians. This is a unique, vibrant and surprisingly strategic multiplayer arena fighter that packs in plenty worth recommending – whilst also making a handful of questionable decisions along the way.

In Ninjala, eight pint-sized bubble-gum pugilists duke it out in a tournament organised by the World Ninja Association – inventors of the magical ninja gum which drives the game’s action – in order to search for the next generation of mighty ninja warriors. Battles take place in large arenas – of which there are currently only two available – and can be played in either a free-for-all Battle Royale mode or 4v4 Team Battles.

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