Review: Star Wars Episode I: Racer – This N64 Cult Classic Doesn’t Quite Make The Podium In 2020

The Race of Skywalker.

A long time ago in, erm, this galaxy, a game called Star Wars Episode I: Racer was a smash hit, leading to dozens of enthusiastic magazine reviews with the byline “now this is podracing!” Unfortunately, the intervening years have been unkind to the Star Wars prequels, but does that hindsight extend to this thoroughly literally-named racing tie-in? Thankfully, not quite.

Back in the N64 days, Episode 1: Racer was a clean, simple experience, largely elevated by its sense of speed. That hasn’t changed. The major difference in Star Wars Episode I: Racer on Switch is that the game runs at an unbroken 60fps, meaning that the already smooth gameplay is even smoother. This is pretty much the definitive way to race pods, with pin-sharp graphics compared to what you’ll remember – although the textures are still as blurry as they were all those years ago.

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