Hardware Reviews

Grab A Solid Deal On A HP Omen Gaming Desktop
Last Friday was Black Friday, which means today is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a good day to grab some discounts on all manner of items online. Anyone in [...]
Beware Of PlayStation 5 Scams On eBay
It’s bad enough that scalpers have gotten their hands on so many of the PlayStation 5 consoles that were built and available for gamers this holiday [...]
Currys goes live with early Cyber Monday deals
Black Friday may be pretty much vanquished, but it’s ready to morph into its final boss form: Cyber Monday, armed to the teeth with even more deals [...]
NZXT H1 Mini-ITX Computer Case Has Safety Issues – Fix Coming
Sales of the NZXT H1 Mini-ITX computer case has been halted globally over what appears to be fire concerns. It looks like it has been linked to 1 wrong [...]
WORX Pegasus WX051 Multi-Function Work Table Review
The holidays are here again and if you are needing a gift idea for someone that has it all we’d like to introduce you to the WORX Pegasus WX051 folding [...]
XFX Speedster MERC319 Radeon RX 6800 XT Review
XFX Speedster MERC319 Radeon RX 6800 XT The custom AMD Radeon XT 6800 XT graphics cards launched this week and the very first card to be delivered is the [...]
M1 Apple Mac Mini Is On Sale For Black Friday
Apple recently rolled out its new MacBook and Mac Mini featuring the Apple-designed M1 processor. Apple hardware is famously rarely discounted, and with [...]
Foxconn Eyes Shifting Some Apple Production To Vietnam
A new report has surfaced that says Apple has requested that Foxconn move some of its Apple production out of China and into Vietnam. Apple and Foxconn are [...]
Square Enix Confirms Marvel’s Avengers Game Is A Bust
It’s a fact of life that good books don’t always make good movies, and good movies don’t always make good video games. Case in point is the anticipated [...]
Amazon Offers Smoking Deals On Fire Tablets
Today is Thanksgiving across the United States and for other people around the world. That means tomorrow, Friday, November 27, is Black Friday. While [...]
Rumor Suggests The Mandalorian Will Come To Fortnite
Some of the latest films in the Star Wars franchise have left old-school fans a bit disappointed. However, the bright spot in recent years for the Star [...]
PlayStation 5 Firmware Update Is Now Available
Sony has rolled out another firmware update for the PlayStation 5 to bring the system to version 20.02-02.26-00. This firmware update comes after a [...]