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PowerA Animal Crossing: New Horizons Controllers Debut
One of the most popular video games on the Nintendo Switch is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. PowerA is a company that makes aftermarket game controllers [...]
PowerA Is Releasing Two New Animal Crossing Controllers For Switch
They’re officially licensed! The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch is extremely beautiful, but if you own it, you might be a little peeved that [...]
Random: Brie Larson Doesn’t Want To Be The Clown Villager From Animal Crossing
Neither do we. Pietro is a divisive chap. His house in New Leaf looked like a murder-carnival, and his description on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp says [...]
UK Charts: Animal Crossing Stays On Top In A Week Dominated By Nintendo
Switch exclusives make up six of the top ten. UK physical chart data is now in for the week ending 16th January, revealing that Animal Crossing: New [...]
Random: This Wasp Run In Animal Crossing Will Make You So Nervous
Alexa, play Flight of the Bumblebee. Imagine the scene: Blathers is just hanging out at the Museum, thinking about how much he loves bones, and suddenly he [...]
Colourpop Announces Animal Crossing Makeup Line
You’ll be the Bell of the ball. Ever wanted to replicate Bunnie’s little blushy cheeks? Or figure out how Gladys gets such a perfect winged [...]
Today Is The First Day You Can Get The “Play For 300 Days” Achievement In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
300 days of Summer (and Spring, and Autumn, and Winter). The mark of a true Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan is no longer the rare DIYs you have, or how [...]
Soapbox: Oh No, I Accidentally Made Animal Crossing Into A Time Capsule Of Misery
Also, I haven’t paid my mortgage in MONTHS. It’s fairly safe to say that we were all pretty depressed at the start of 2020, what with all the [...]
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Was France’s Best-Selling Game Of 2020
The first game to do so since Mario Kart Wii in 2008. Saying Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a tremendous success for Nintendo would be an [...]
Poll: Do You Want Gyroids To Return In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
Avoid the ‘roid? In a couple of months Animal Crossing: New Horizons will celebrate its first anniversary. Yes, millions of people have been fixing [...]
There Were Over 2 Billion Tweets About Gaming In 2020, Most Of It For Animal Crossing
We’re also talking about Corpse_Husband a bit too much. We’re not saying it’s because we had nothing better to do, but apparently in 2020 [...]
UK Charts: Animal Crossing Top Again As Switch Software Jumps 123% Compared To The Same Week Last Year
Over 260,000 boxed games sold in the UK last week. The Nintendo Switch continues to dominate the UK sales charts, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons [...]