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New Orleans Saints make anticipatory moves off field to ensure preparedness on field
“I’ve got a punter in the building,” Saints Coach Sean Payton said. “I don’t have another long snapper in the building. Now, [...]
THO Simulator Is Your Chance To “Examine Damage” And, Erm, “Ensure Safe Roads” On Switch
No, not THQ Simulator. While scrolling through the upcoming Switch releases this morning, this new addition to the sim genre caught our eye. What’s [...]
Nintendo Dropped Every LEGO Mario Prototype 6,000 Times To Ensure Its Quality
“That is Nintendo quality”. Nintendo is a brand known for its quality assurance, especially when it comes to new hardware – you know [...]
Metacritic Implements 36-Hour Delay On User Reviews, To Ensure “Gamers Have Time To Play”
Paper Mario is one of the first titles to trial this new system. Review-bombing has become a serious problem on the review aggregate website Metacritic. [...]