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Horned Knight: Reintroducing the Golden Age of Arcade Gaming
Horned Knight is a fun retro-styled action platformer game full of enemies to defeat and traps to avoid. This game is a homage to the ’80s action [...]
Review: Golden Force – Vibrant Action-Platforming Marred By Rough Edges
A disturbance in the Force. The initial vibe we picked up from side-scroller Golden Force was a very positive one. The mixture of platforming and combat – [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Valentines Day [Part 100]
It is Valentine’s Day, and the group exchanges chocolates and well wishes. Ren is proving a popular choice for some extra attention. He decides to [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Last Goodbye’s and Lingering Doubts [Part 101]
It is time for Ren to leave Inaba. He takes the opportunity to say goodbye to all the close confidants he made while he was in Inaba. Ren and his friends [...]
Persona 4 Golden – The One Behind it All [Part 102]
Ren questions Dojima, who was the fist person he met when he arrived in Inaba. Ren realizes that he met an unusual person at the gas station when he [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Yomotsu Hirasaka Path 1-2 [Part 103]
Ren and his friends are on the path to Izanami. The area they are exploring is the same as the dream when Ren first arrived in Inaba. Each floor is large, [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Yomotsu Hirasaka Path 3-6 [Part 104]
The third floor of Yomotsu Hirasaka in home to the Neo-Minotaur, the first boss of the dungeon. It doesn’t have any specific resistances, making it [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Yomotsu Hirasaka Parts 7-8 [Part 105]
The last few floors before Izanami have very powerful shadows, but no bosses. Rise’s ability to automatically identify weaknesses is a big help, and [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Izanami: The Final Battle [Part 106]
Ren and his friends have reached their final enemy. Izanami has been behind everything, and only by defeating her can they put an end to threats to Inaba. [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – The Hollow Forest Finale [Part 99]
Ren and his friends have reached Marie at the center of the Hollow Forest. Marie is intent on dying in order to save Inaba from the fog. Marie fights them [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Goodbye for Real [Part 107]
It really is time for Ren to leave. His stay in Inaba has been memorable. Tears are shed, promises are made, and Ren’s friends see him off. The [...]
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – The Hollow Forest Parting-Grief [Part 96]
Ren and his friends take on the Hollow Forest. This dungeon is unlike any other. They are stripped of all of their items, and after every battle they are [...]