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Random: Someone Made a Pokémon Hamster Maze, And The Hamster Took Down Team Rocket
Sadly, it didn’t try to eat Professor Oak. Step aside, Twitch Plays Pokémon – there’s a new sheriff in town, and it is a hamster. Who [...]
Aussie Pokemon Go Gamer Becomes First To Hit Level 50 Globally
A couple of months ago, Pokémon Go increased its level as part of the Go Beyond update. With the increased level, players could grow from a previous max of [...]
Australian Pokémon Go Player Becomes First To Hit Level 50 Worldwide
FleeceKing takes the crown but it was a close race. It’s been nearly two months since Pokémon Go upped its level cap within the Go Beyond update. [...]
Random: Introducing Fluffruit, The Tasty Fruit Found In Pokémon’s Lental Region That’s Totally Not An Apple
“Nintendo I think you need to learn what an Apple is”. In the upcoming Switch release New Pokémon Snap, it seems there’s a fruit that [...]
Random: Pokémon Fan Finishes Challenge To Play Every Game Without Using Pokémon Twice
It took two and a half years to complete the series. Pokémon fans love making things harder for themselves. There’s the Nuzlocke Challenge, in which [...]
New Pokémon Nanoblock Sets Revealed, Garchomp And Kubfu Coming This April
Mini grass-type set with Bulbasaur also confirmed. Pokémon’s 25th-anniversary celebrations continue to unfold and the merchandise keeps coming. Fans [...]
Random: Twitter Has Now Defeated The Grass-Type Gym Leader Erika In Pokémon Red
Four badges and counting. Update: And to follow on from all this, Celadon City’s Grass-type Gym leader has just been defeated. Rainbow Badge [...]
Random: Twitter Has Now Defeated The Electric-Type Gym Leader Lt. Surge In Pokémon Red
Three badges and counting. Another week has passed, so what’s been happening in the social media experiment Twitter plays Pokémon Red…inside a [...]
Random: Artist Reimagines All Pokémon Sword And Shield Monsters As Game Boy Sprites
All your new favs in the style of Red and Blue. With any new generation comes a whole new boatload of Pokémon to catch, and that was exactly the case when [...]
Nintendo Explains How Photo Evaluation Works In New Pokémon Snap
Spoilers: It’s the same as the last game. New Pokémon Snap, due to arrive on Switch on the 30th April, is a lovely, relaxing photography simulator [...]
Pokémon Center Reveals Official N And Zorua Figure, Pre-Orders Have Gone Live
Black and White fans, you’ve not been forgotten. Pokémon’s 25th-anniversary celebrations are in full swing and honestly, there’s [...]
Random: Artist Erio Re-Imagines The Gods From Hades As Pokémon Gym Leaders
Pokémon Stygian Blade and Aegis Shield. Gods, but do we love a mashup. We reported on these incredible Animal Crossing x Hades characters earlier this [...]