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Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – The Fog Rolls In and Return to Heaven [Part 75]
A thick, oppressive fog is blanketing Inaba, with no signs of diminishing. The case seems to be solved, and Nanako is finally ready for some visitors in [...]
Blair Walsh, John Denney return to Saints practice squad among 8 roster moves
The New Orleans Saints added specialists Blair Walsh and John Denney to the practice squad as emergency options for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Go to Source
Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Into the TV to Find Kanji, Return to Yukiko’s Castle, and Defeat the Contrarian King [Part 18]
Ren, Chie, Yosuke, and Yukiko return to the TV world and present their finding to Teddie. With his help they locate Kanji. However, before entering [...]
WR Tre’Quan Smith designated to return from Saints injured reserve
New Orleans Saints WR Tre’Quan Smith was designated to return from injured reserve, but must practice before playing against the Buccaneers. Go to Source
Return To Sci-Fi’s Golden Era As New Shmup Squadron 51 Launches On Switch This Year
Kickstarter Campaign now live. Science Fiction’s golden era really is calling to us lately. After the news that Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story [...]
Film Study: Michael Thomas’s return opens field up for Drew Brees in Saints passing game
Indeed, look at the window Brees gets this ball into: Thomas emboldens Brees to make throws like this, and this was the first third down of the game for [...]
Poll: Do You Want Gyroids To Return In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
Avoid the ‘roid? In a couple of months Animal Crossing: New Horizons will celebrate its first anniversary. Yes, millions of people have been fixing [...]
Browns stun Steelers in NFL playoff return, Brees sets up Brady clash –
LOS ANGELES: The Cleveland Browns ended their NFL playoff drought in spectacular style, exploding for 28 first-quarter points in a stunning 48-37 victory [...]
Bears return to New Orleans in the postseason for the first time since Super Bowl XX
Thirty-five years ago, the 1985 Bears went to New Orleans and destroyed the Patriots en route to Chicago’s first, and only, Super Bowl win. For the first [...]
Alvin Kamara’s return to Saints evokes memories of Chuck Muncie. Just ask Archie Manning.
Alvin Kamara will not be the first multi-talented superstar running back for the New Orleans Saints to play a game without any on-field practice the [...]
Fleur-de-Links, January 8: Saints cornerback hoping to return from COVID list
A new t-shirt from BreakingT celebrates Alvin Kamara’s 6 touchdowns. Alvin Kamara has reportedly joined Zoom calls to practice remotely, considering that [...]
Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson declares his return from COVID-19 list; official move yet to come
New Orleans Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson will return to the field Sunday against the Chicago Bears, he said in a tweet Thursday evening. [...]