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After 13 Years, Mario Kart Wii’s Rainbow Road Finally Gives Up Its “Impossible” Ultra Shortcut
Fancy a 22-second lap? Mario Kart Tour and Home Circuit might be Nintendo’s focus these days (We still love you too, Deluxe), but there remains a [...]
Axiom Verge Is Getting Its “First Ever” Free Update Almost Six Years After Launch
Will add a new “Randomizer Mode”. Axiom Verge‘s creator Thomas Happ last year delayed the release of the second game until the first half [...]
Nintendo First Shared Switch Launch Details Four Years Ago Today
How time flies. Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi showing off the Switch Joy-Con – and looking far cooler than we could ever dream of For many of us, the [...]
Random: Family Video Closes Its Doors After 42 Years
The pandemic killed the video store. Video rental stores like Blockbuster might have thrown in the towel a number of years ago, but in North America, a [...]
After 25 Years, A New Cheat Code Has Been Discovered For Street Fighter Alpha 2 On The SNES
You can finally play as Shin Akuma! Street Fighter II is one of those games that will forever be linked with the SNES, thanks to the fact that [...]
4 New Years Resolutions the Saints should adopt in 2021
The New Orleans Saints have a list of changes and decisions to consider going into 2021, with hours left to figure it out on New Years’ Eve. Go to Source
Feature: Five Frantic Years – A Brief History of Aleste
A blast from the past. Compile are best known as the creators of the evergreen Puyo Puyo series, a franchise that began as a spin-off of their Japan-only [...]
Best Of 2020: How RoboCop’s Epic Game Boy Theme Tune Lives On, 30 Years Later
“If you’d have told me it would still be around in 30 years, I wouldn’t have believed you”. Over the holiday season we’ll be [...]
Best Of 2020: Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 10 Years Of Nintendo’s Straightest, Greatest Sequel
So much more than Wii DLC. Over the holiday season we’ll be republishing a series of Nintendo Life articles, interviews and other features from the [...]
Hardware Review: Sega Astro City Mini – An Esoteric Way To Mark 60 Years In The Business
Coining it in. 2020 has been a pretty rough year, but one of the things that has given us a little bit of happiness during the past 12 months is the fact [...]
This New Game Boy Game Is 21 Years In The Making
All it took was a global pandemic to finish it. 2020 has changed things for a lot of people. While the video game industry has generally done well out of [...]
Tyrann Mathieu returns to New Orleans several years older, still the same playmaker
Here is a fun fact about Kansas City Chiefs safety and New Orleans native Tyrann Mathieu: He made his first career NFL interception in the Superdome. At [...]